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Getting Started

Create a new project

To create a new project you can use the default command to build command-line applications in dart:

dart create <project_name>

Or you can use the CLI tool that we provide:

dart pub global activate serinus_cli
serinus create <project_name>


The CLI tool will create a new project with the Serinus structure and it is the recommended way to create a new project.


To install Serinus you can use the following command:

dart pub add serinus

Next steps

Now you are ready to start building your application. It is suggested to build the logic of the application inside the lib folder and to define the entry point of the application in the bin/<project_name> file. It will be easier to test the application using the dart run command.

Our first application

Let's create a simple application that listens for requests on port 3000 and returns a simple message.

First, create a new file in the lib folder called app_module.dart and add the following code:


import 'package:serinus/serinus.dart';

class AppModule extends Module {
  AppModule() : super(
    imports: [], // Add the modules that you want to import
    controllers: [],
    providers: [],
    middlewares: []

Then, in your bin/<project_name>.dart file add the following code:


import 'package:serinus/serinus.dart';
import 'package:<project_name>/app_module.dart';

void main(List<String> arguments) async {
  SerinusApplication application = await serinus.createApplication(
    entrypoint: AppModule()
  await application.serve();

The AppModule class is the entry point of the application.

Finally, run the application using the following command:

dart run

or using the following command if you are using the CLI tool:

serinus run

Your applications is now running and listening for requests on port 3000.

Using the CLI tool

If you are using the CLI tool, then there are some interesting options to run the application:

  • --port: The port to expose the application on. Default is 3000.
  • --host: The host to expose the application on. Default is localhost.
  • --dev: Flag to run the application in development mode. If this flag is set, the application will be reloaded every time a file is changed.

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