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A backend framework written in Dart 🎯 for building efficient and scalable server-side applications.


Fast 🚀

Serinus is designed to be fast and efficient. It is built on top of the Dart language, which is known for its performance and efficiency.

Here are some benchmarks comparing Serinus with other popular frameworks.

  1. Serinus Dart

    6,831 req/s
  2. Express Node

  3. Nest Node

  4. Shelf Dart

  5. Dart Frog Dart

  6. Django Python


Measurement in Requests per Second. Results from

Modular 📦

Serinus is designed to be modular and extensible. It allows you to create your own modules and plugins to extend its functionality.

Here are some of the plugins that are available for Serinus

Serve static files from your Serinus server.

Access .env files and environment variables with ease.

Built with 💙 and Dart 🎯 | One of the 🐤 of Serinus Nest